someone once told me that lust is a saturday night

and love is a sunday morning

i remember after the first time you kissed me you said that you had been wanting to do that for a long time

Now i wonder if you thought the same thing when you left me

-Lydia Joy



You say that sometimes my words hurt you

That you don’t want to hear about my past because you are my future

You don’t like it when I get drunk and snippets of truth fall out of my mouth

You say that kinda stuff I should keep to myself

But baby there are so many more words to tell

I know they’d hurt you

So I hold them inside of me like a wasp on my tongue

Letting them sting me instead

-Lydia Joy

Friday Smiles

Every morning i have to walk along a main road on a narrow footpath to get to my work place. Its often windy and cars are rushing by noisly – most likely on route to their work place.

This morning i was walking along with my heavy weekend bag weighing down my shoulder, wearing black jeans, a baby pink t shirt and black silky bomber jacket – nothing special, just my regular “Dress Down Friday” attire. When i was startled by an oncoming silver car (im no good with car names, but it was silver 3 door) beeped and slowed down to pass me, i watched as a young man blew me a slow kiss then carried on driving past.

Not to sound narcissistic but similar instances happen quite often, men beeping or shouting something vulgar out of the window of their moving vehicle at me. Usually i just ignore this behaviour, sometimes shake my head in disgust. I dismiss these instances and forget about them almost immediately. 

But this young man wasn’t in a works van squashed next to other males, on their way to a construction job, winding down the window to shout at me or beeping to get a reaction out of his mates.

He was alone, driving to work.. or perhaps driving home from working the night shift,  he took the time out of his day to show me some appreciation – for no benefit of his own. I mean its not like he was complimenting me in hopes he would receive dirty pictures or even sex. I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me and the likelihood of us ever seeing each other again is incredibly slim. He did this, purely to let me know he thinks im cute. That makes me think that he himself is cute. I was not dressed provocatively, i was simply struggling with a heavy bag, sweat dripping down the back of my neck on my commute to work.  

Isnt it a beautiful thing that somebody can compliment you without using any words. Somebody can make your day without you even being able to clearly see their face.



My soul is a blazing fire 

Burning high, scorching to the clouds

Your love sweet like April showers 

Raining over me 

Defusing the blaze 

Softening the air 

And quenching the grass that lays beneath
You cure me the way that medicine cures a disease


I was drowning in murky waters but you lifted me out and pulled the debris from my throat

You gave me hope that I never knew existed 



My life once filled with sorrow and fear

Now the glistening reflection of faith and serenity


And for that I will forever be in debt

For you have given me 

The confidence

To survive

-Lydia Joy

Lo x

When you meet me

You dont just meet Lydia

You must be aware that deep inside me

there is somebody else


Somebody who is desperate to get out

Each day she gets closer and closer to the world

She was born in my soul

But she has clawed her way up to the tip of my tongue

Today she is trying to prize open my teeth so that she can tell everyone what she wants them to hear


After a few good days for Lydia

she will gain strength

and temporarily suffocate Lydia


She will say and do things that i would not usually do

She has fun, lets loose

Tarnishing my existing relationships and creating new ones of her own


Meanwhile, i am paralyzed..

Watching her ruin my life.


-Lydia Joy



I love her nose and the way it twitches when I remove her clothes,

her lips and the way they kiss,

her hips, how they tremble when I touch them


my favourite are her legs

and the way her body begs

for me to spread them apart

and explore


How I’d love to have her..

right here, 

right now,

there on the floor.


-Lydia Joy